Marcotte's Family Motel
2156 East Route 20
Elizabeth, IL 61028
(815) 858-2217

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John and Marie Krohmer owned a large farm two and a half miles east of the Village of Elizabeth, and in about 1960, they built the motel on a few acres of it, opening it under the name of J & M Motel. A couple of years later, they built a restaurant.

As John and Marie got older, they turned the building into apartments by adjoining rooms and adding kitchens. The restaurant was also converted into a permanent rental with a laundromat in the lower level. It was left like that through another ownership.

In 1994 the current owners, Art and Donna Marcotte, bought it and slowly started converting back into motel units. Many years later, we have developed the property into single units, doubles and kept two units with a kitchen. Our latest projects have been to give the exterior a face-lift with a log siding and converting the one-time restaurant into the three newest rooms (rooms 8, 9 and 10).

If you look closely at the old postcards, you can see from then to now that the small pine trees have grown up and now grace and shade part of the building. We are continually improving and our hope is someday to have a wonderful garden to sit back to enjoy the view.

We live on the premises and are usually here. Occasionally we'll hang the Gone Fishin' sign on the door. Feel free to ring the bell if you need something.

Marcotte's Family Motel